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Camex Operating Company is a Louisiana corporation engaged in the oil and gas exploration and production business, primarily in Southwestern Louisiana, on land and inland waters.  Camex, Inc. was formed in 1973 by Richard A. Campbell and was acquired from him by his sons, Kevin and Eric Campbell in 1987.  The company was re-named Camex Operating Company in 1992.

Camex Operating Company engages in two main business activities:

 1)   The company generates prospects to explore for or exploit commercial production onshore in South Louisiana, using in-house data, personnel and experience, as well as outside expert consultants and other acquired data. These prospects fall into two general categories of “manageability” by Camex.   Prospects which require capital expenditures of up to approximately $3MM, normally being “no-pipe” or shallow “pipe test” wells, located on dry land, constitute the majority of projects Camex has developed.  Camex has normally retained a significant owned interest in the project and solicited industry and non-industry partners to fund the remainder of the project.  Alternatively, Camex will market projects which require capital commitments in excess of $3MM, normally, being deeper “pipe tests” and projects with significant leasehold, seismic and other pre-drilling expenses, to industry participants with the financial and corporate capacity to fully fund and manage the project.  Camex would normally retain a significant carried or reversionary working interest in the project.

 2)   Additionally, Camex is an Operator, having operated up to 17 producing and/or saltwater disposal wells at one time, in the Louisiana Parishes of Assumption, Calcasieu, Iberia, Jefferson Davis, Lafayette, Terrebonne and Vermilion.  Due to property sales and recent attrition, Camex currently owns working interests in six (6) producing or saltwater disposal wells, which it operates, and working interest in one deep gas well which it does not operate.

Camex has the personnel and experience to operate on its own behalf and for other working interest owners to perform all aspects of a project as described below:

        generating drilling prospects;




       marketing to prospective partners;

acquisition of leases, rights-of-way, permits, etc.;

drilling, evaluating and completion or plugging;

construction of surface facilities;

negotiations of product sales contracts and transportation agreements;

joint invoice billing, accounting, payables and receivables;

royalty payments;

monitoring and recommending operations under Joint Operating Agreement;

representing co-owners in sale of producing properties;

all other communicative and administrative functions; and

oversight of unitization or other representation before regulative authorities.






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